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Prioritizing your health and wellness is important.
Taking the first step in seeking treatment can feel intimidating,
but we are here for you and will support you throughout your healing journey.

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Treatment Sessions You Can Schedule:

Free Phone Consultation (15-30 minutes):

This no cost, no obligation consultation is an excellent way to see if pelvic floor rehab is right for you. You will be consulting directly with Dr. Mulvaney, and you will be able to share your story, ask questions and learn about what pelvic floor rehab therapies have to offer. Should you decide to move forward with an initial evaluation, the dialogue will be a huge time saver and enable you to move forward more quickly with your recovery.

INITIAL EVALUATION (75-90 minutes)

This is a comprehensive in-person evaluation designed to get you started on finding solutions for your symptoms. At this appointment we fully explore your troubling symptoms, review your medical history, and establish a baseline for your care.

I will perform comprehensive musculoskeletal assessments, pelvic floor assessments, and alignment/posture/breathing assessments to identify appropriate treatment approaches to guide you in your healing journey.

Together we will develop a workable plan of care that will be our roadmap to achieving the results you want.


These in-person follow-up Treatment Sessions are scheduled to build on what we learned in the Initial Evaluation. This is where we get down to applying the appropriate therapies to achieve your goals. We will work with you every step of the way and make any adjustments to the preliminary plan of care as your progress dictates. In no time you’ll be on your way to a freer, more comfortable life with you in control.


This is a virtual version of the treatment session described earlier. Through secure video sessions, we can gather and exchange a wealth of information and monitor your progress. I can observe your movements and breathing patterns, have a comprehensive dialogue with you and provide valuable education to you. This is an excellent option if coming to an in-clinic appointment is not possible or practical.