Women’s Health Self-Assessment Quiz

Take this short quiz to see if you could benefit from the women’s health therapy solutions we offer

Bladder Incontinence

  • Do you ever experience bladder incontinence?
  • Do you ever experience strong painful urge without a full bladder?
  • Do you find yourself making frequent trips to the bathroom?
  • Do you ever feel the need to wear pads of any kind to absorb leakage?
  • Do you leak when you cough, laugh, sneeze or exercise?
  • Do you ever hold back to avoid laughing fully?
  • Do you find yourself opting out of activities

Fecal Incontinence

  • Do you ever feel the need to wear pads of any kind to absorb leakage?
  • Do you ever feel self-conscious because you might smell?
  • Do you ever feel a sudden urge to go at inconvenient times?
  • Do you experience frequent constipation? (more than once a month?)
  • Do you experience painful bowel movements?

Pelvic Pain or Discomfort

  • Do you ever experience any discomfort or pain in your pelvic region?
  • Do you experience lower back or hip pain or discomfort?
  • Do you experience pain or discomfort in your tailbone area?
  • Do you experience pain or discomfort during intercourse?

Pre / Post Natal

  • Are you experiencing pain or discomfort due to your pregnancy?
  • Are you experiencing any constipation issues?
  • Would you like to learn to exercise safely?
  • Could you benefit from a plan on how to return to work?


  • Do you ever feel something’s not quite right in your pelvic area?
  • Do you experience unusual pressure in your pelvic area?
  • Do you have concerns about a “heaviness” or that something might be falling out?
  • Do you have trouble using a tampon?

Sexual Health

  • Do you experience dyspareunia (painful intercourse)?
    Do you suffer from Vaginismus?
    Do you need help with Perineal Hygiene?
  • Do you experience weak or no orgasm?
  • Have you experienced trauma?

Surgical Issues

  • Have you had a hysterectomy?
  • Have you had any kind of gynecological cancer?
  • Do you have a bladder sling?
  • Have you ever had a prolapse repair?
  • Do you have issues with pain or incontinence that you didn’t have before?

Myofascial Release

  • Do you experience painful or bothersome muscle tension?
  • Do you have any chronic pain conditions such as fibromyalgia or myofascial pain syndrome?
  • Could you benefit from improved flexibility or range of motion?
  • Do you experience tension headaches?
  • Do you feel you could benefit from a reduction in stress or improved relaxation?
  • Are you an athlete that could benefit from muscle optimization?

Lymphatic Issues

  • Do you have swelling in your joints or limbs due to cancer treatments?
  • Do you have swelling in your joints or limbs due to other medical treatments, surgery or conditions?
  • Do you have swelling in your face due to surgery or other medical treatments?

Menopausal Issues

  • Do you experience mood swings?
  • Do you ever experience hot flashes?
  • Do you have hormonal concerns?

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Take this short health quiz to see if you could benefit from the woman’s health therapy solutions we offer.