Sexual Pain & Dysfunction

Sexual function relies on healthy tissues that can be affected by hormonal changes, physiological, and psychosocial considerations. Research Indicates That Close To 20% Of Women Experience Pain With Sexual Activity. Pain with intercourse can have many causes. Many times, we find that it’s due to muscle overactivity or tension that can be treated with pelvic floor therapy. There are various considerations during treatment and We will develop an individualized treatment plan using integrative therapies and a holistic approach.

You Are Not Alone

People experiencing painful sex can often feel hopeless. For some, it’s a pain that they’ve dealt with their entire lives, and for others, pain may arise randomly such as after a procedure, childbirth, or after a stressful time in their lives. It is common to have one or more body systems involved with pelvic pain that impacts intimacy, relationships, sleep, and other activities of daily living that we will address. We are here to support you in your healing journey.

Navigating The Pain

There are many factors that can contribute to this type of pain. This can include hormonal or skin challenges, nerve sensitivity or irritation, and pelvic floor muscle tension or overactivity. Our goal is to help you navigate this problem and to find out why this is happening and get to the root cause of the problem. Ultimately, we help you get the results you need to move forward towards enjoyable and comfortable sexual health, as well as improving your ability to participate in essential daily activities in greater comfort, with freedom from pelvic pain and dysfunction.

APH Helps With Sexual Pain & Dysfunction

Here are a few diagnosis and conditions that can be involved:

Dyspareunia (painful intercourse): upon entry, with deep thrusting
Tissue changes leading to microtears and pain
Dysorgasmia (painful orgasm)
Anorgasmia (weak or lack of orgasm)
Persistent Genital Arousal Disorder (PGAD)

Our Expert Pelvic Health Occupational Therapists Are Here To Help

At Ascend, we help women like you attain optimal pelvic health so you can feel confident and pain free throughout all phases of life from early adulthood into advanced years. We start by conducting a comprehensive exam to identify what may be contributing to the problems you are experiencing. We build a holistic, individualized care program that not only focuses on your pelvic floor, but also takes into account the interconnected systems of your body. We then help you get results using our proven therapeutic techniques.


Manual therapies include myofascial release or visceral mobilization to help improve muscle length and sensitivity in and around the pelvis.

Specific exercises aiming to improve tension and length in certain muscles around the pelvis and body, or strengthen for stability if needed.

We have the capacity to utilize modalities like surface-EMG biofeedback and e-stim for neuromodulation.

Nervous-system strategies to help improve sensitivity you may have in your nerves.

Education in utilizing dilators, trainers and wands if appropriate for your situation. Also, information about tissue integrity, lubrication options, and perineal hygiene.

Education to build strategies for optimizing your sexual health, sleep and enhancing independence in activities of daily living.


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